Teaching Wyatt’s Class About Crypto

Crypto Games That Pay You Money

Volunteering to teach a crypto elective

This Friday, I am teaching an elective at Wyatt’s school on the topic of Crypto. We will be discussing a number of the basic concepts of blockchain / crypto, answering some questions and finally discussing something called “Play to Earn” gaming.

Play to earn is a somewhat new concept that is enabled by various characteristics of the blockchain, as well as tokenomics and various NFT (non-fungible token) characteristics.

I have seen multiple articles and videos discussing the fact that people can earn potentially hundreds of dollars playing these games, with power players earning much more. Below are some links that I’ll be using in class.

LinkedIn Learning

I plan to watch a very good Blockchain Basics training video with the class courtesy of LinkedIn Learning. I checked with LinikedIn already and they said it was OK to view with the kids.

Blockchain Basics Training

Crypto Vocabulary Words

Digital CurrencyTrustlessDecentralized
CryptocurrencyCentral AuthorityDouble-spend Problem
Satoshi NakomotoOpen SourceFiat Currency
21 MillionMiningNodes
ValidatorsPublic KeyPrivate Key
Proof of WorkConsensusCrypto Token
Crypto MarketAltcoinsEther
EthereumVitalik ButerinEthereum Virtual Machine
DappsSecurity TokenUtility Token
PermissionlessPermissionedPrivate Blockchain
HyperledgerDeFiCrypto Exchange
NFTEverledgerDigital Twin
Smart ContractSolidity

Crypto games

We are going to look at up to 6 different Crypto Game websites today to show the kids the various types of games that allow you to earn crypto either through playing, or cultivating and selling items in the game.

  1. Illuvium
  2. Jadu
  3. Axie Infinity
  4. CryptoBlades
  5. The Sandbox
  6. Revv Racing

Crypto gaming video

This is a video that shows 10 different Play to Earn crypto video games. Some of these games are listed above.