Another Friday Another Crypto Class – Week 2 of Crypto Elective

The first Crypto class with the middle schoolers at my son’s school was great. The kids actually were interested, asked questions and I think they learned a lot. Some of them even went home to talk to their parents about crypto and even set up a Metamask wallet. So far so good. Now we are going to go beyond the basics and learn even more about crypto and the blockchain.

Blockchain: Beyond the Basics

This is another course on LinkedIn Learning about the blockchain, but it dives a bit deeper into various topics such as mining, proof of work, purchasing crypto, what altcoins are, etc, etc.

LinkedIn Learning – Blockchain: Beyond The Basics

Crypto Bingo

I actually prepared this game before the previous class and promptly forgot all the materials on my printer. This week we’ll actually get to play the game I prepared for the previous class.

Crypto Bingo Card

Carbon12 – Cryptocurrency for Christians

I wanted to take the opportunity to show off a brand new cryptocurrency project called Carbon12. It is a cryptocurrency that is designed by Christians and for Christians. It boasts a tithing mechanism and is geared toward enabling Christians to engage in commerce with other Christians without fear of censorship. It has many other great features, such as the Kingdom Fund which is intended to be designated for future Kingdom building endeavors.

Carbon12 Getting Started Page

Get Started with Carbon12 Cryptocurrency | Carbon12

Carbon12 Resources Page

Resources | Carbon12

Crypto Games Review

During the last class, we didn’t have a chance to look at any of the play-to-earn crypto games that we learned about during class. If we have time this week, I’m hoping to show the kids the websites for the various crypto games we discussed. Here are links to their web pages.

Ethereum Merge – Proof of Work to Proof of Stake

This is arguably the biggest story in the crypto space right now. The Ethereum Merge is coming in weeks and if we have the time, we may watch this video to learn about the Merge and why it is important.