Latest Project: AFGE Local 17 Website Development

I was recently contracted by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 17 to build a new website for them. Their previous site ( was OK, but it lacked some features such as the ability to create easily shareable blog posts / articles. This was because it is what they term a “Microsite” which is a subsite of the main website.

So, over the holiday break, I have been working on developing a new website for them. It’s based on WordPress and I have a development site set up on my Dreamhost account. You can check it out here (for now): It isn’t quite finished yet, but we’ve definitely made some decent progress. Here’s a screenshot:

AFGE Local 17 Website Development
Homepage for the new AFGE Local 17 Website Development Project

Referral & Other Website Development Projects

If you know anyone else who needs a website, feel free to send them my way. If they would like to see what kind of work I can do, they can check out this website ( which is still under construction, or the AFGE Local 17 website development project. Also, I created a website for an event for a conservation group that I am a member of (it’s called the Izaak Walton League). They host the annual Fredericksburg Dog Mart, and this year I built a new website for their event. You can check it out here:

Fredericksburg Dog Mart Website Development Project
Homepage for Fredericksburg Dog Mart Website Development Project

Oh yeah, and I can’t forget, I actually helped build and maintain the main blog for the Department of Veterans Affairs, called VAntage Point. Although, I manage VAntage Point as part of my day job (I work on the VA’s Digital Media Engagement Team) and all these other sites are side gigs. 😉

Home Page for VAntage Point Blog
This is the homepage of the VAntage Point blog, VA’s main blog.

Anyone who needs my help on a new website development project, just fill out the form on my contact page here on this site (as soon as I set it up, LoL!). I’ll update this post with the link as soon as the page is up. Until then, just leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch with you.